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Valet Tagging Program

***The valet program is closed for Fall 2018.


No time to tag? We've got you covered!

     If you have lots of items to sell but no time to tag, valet tagging is for you! Valet tagging is an excellent resource for busy parents that want to participate in Just Between Friends, but simply do not have the time to do so! It's available to a limited number of consignors each sale, so sign up early!

How the Valet Program Works

***The valet program is closed for Fall 2018.

Consignors who participate in Valet Tagging will receive:

  • 45% of their total sales, minus a $20 supply and consignor fee

The fee covers the standard consignor fee and supplies, storage, transport, etc.

All clothing items must be hung on hangers. Items not hung will incur a $.20 fee per item ($.10 to reimburse the cost of the hanger, and $.10 to compensate the tagger for their time to hang items).

Valet consignors will prepare their items and meet a valet tagger at our storage unit in Telford. Items will be quickly inspected at drop off. Items will then be tagged by a valet tagger. Consignors will have the opportunity to request specific pricing on up to 5 items. The remainder of the pricing will be determined by the valet tagger; our taggers follow the JBF Pricing Guidelines!

Items will be tagged, stored and transported to the sale.

We want your items to sell well! All items will automatically be reduced 25% off on Friday and 50% off on Half Price Day Any unsold items remaining after the sale will be donated to our nonprofit partners.

Valet consignors can sell a maximum of 100 clothing items and 150 nonclothing items (for a total of 250 items).

You will be able to shop during the "consignors" presale time and be able to shop the half price sale during the "consignors" time also!

You can earn an extra 5% on your sales if you volunteer for 4 hours at our sale. Join our team! If you volunteer, you will be able to shop during our 4-hour volunteer shopping time!

Our goal is to provide you with excellent, stress-free service and the best opportunity for you to sell your items to put some extra cash in your pocket!


How to Sign Up for the Valet Program

***The valet program is closed for Fall 2018.


If you would like to participate in our valet consignor program follow these steps:

  1. Sign up for our sale as a consignor. Click "login" in the upper-right corner of this page. Either log in to your profile, or create a profile if you have not done so. Search by zip code to find our Quakertown/Hatfield event. Click "sign up" next to the event and check the "consignor" box.
  2. Review the "What We Accept" Guidelines by clicking HERE.
  3. If you plan on hanging your own clothing items on hangers, please review the "How To Hang It" video by clicking HERE. (video is less than 2 minute in length)
  4. Click here to complete our electronic Valet Consignor Waiver
  5. You will then be contacted by a valet tagger to arrange a drop off appointment
  6. The tagger will hang items, enter them into the tagging system, attach tags, and drop the items off at the sale.
  7. Wait for your check to come in the mail two weeks after our event!

If you have any questions, please contact Barb at barbaraborascius@jbfsale.com


Vendor Opportunities

Are you a local business servicing moms or families? Then JBF is for you!

As a family-owned business ourselves (we are a mother-daughter team), we know how hard it can be to reach the local community, and your perfect target market, in a cost-effective way. We are offering vendor opportunities for our sale, to local businesses in the area. We are looking for mutually beneficial relationships; we hope to find vendors that will interest our shoppers or provide them with useful information, and we hope that by becoming a vendor at our event, you are able to get the word out about your business and that your business will grow!

Registration informatin coming soon!



Kendra & Barb





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Hello! We are Kendra and Barb, a daughter and mom team who organize the JBF Quakertown/Hatfield and Allentown/Bethlehem sales.

We are avid shoppers and deal-hunters and we GET IT, raising kids is expensive. After shopping other local JBF sales and finding like-new items for CHEAP, we knew we had to bring JBF back to the area. We love helping thousands of moms, dads and grandparents, just like you, to earn money on their kids' outgrown items, and to save money shopping at our sale.

Whether you SELL or SHOP with JBF (or both), we hope to put extra cash in your familiy's pocket!